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Best time of year to come 

Solway Lass – Sunset in the Whitsundays

Summer, which is between the months of November – April in the Whitsundays, is the most popular time to travel, mainly for international guests. This is mainly as it tends to coincide with the end of the school year leading into the colder winter months. Enough to make anyone want to head for warmer and sunnier destinations! During these months, this tropical landscape turns it on, the days are hot and the chance of rainfall is higher. The waterways flow and the greenery becomes luscious. 

During the winter season, between the months of May – October, the climate in the Whitsundays region stabilises. This results in minimal rainfall, steady winds, and comfortable temperatures. While the temperature drops compared to summer, it’s still a warm 25°C average and the humidity drops. This makes it a more comfortable sleeping temperature, and everyone can be more active during the day. With less rain, comes more frequent beautiful, blue skies, and more predictable weather. During these winter months, the region is quieter and less crowded. This means often you’ll feel like it’s just you that’s experiencing the beautiful islands at that time. You’ll often have scenic lookouts to yourselves, and a whole stretch of beach for your group!

There is abundant marine life year-round, including some absolute favourites – turtles, dolphins and Nemo fish. During the months of July – Sep, the sheltered waters of the Whitsunday Islands become the temporary home of migratory Humpback Whales. As they raise their calves with needed protection from predators, they can often be seen from the boats, breaching and diving. A truly spectacular sight. 



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